BBQtion – the OUTDOOR KITCHEN, now it’s getting convenient...

Is there anything comparable to enjoying a BBQ evening together with family and friends? And this has changed more than ever. You decide spontaneously what and how you are going to cook or grill in the garden and benefit from the advantages of our OUTDOOR KITCHEN: You are not alone in the kitchen preparing the BBQ, you can already join your guests by doing so and this is very convivial at the sliding counter.

Barbecue is more than a technique, it's science! For excellent results every time, nothing is more important than understanding the interaction of food, fire, heat and smoke. You choose the right BBQ grill and we do the rest. Our OUTDOOR KITCHEN has the same equipment and function as the “Indoor sister” starting with spacious worktops, functional interiors and storage compartments. Our BBQtion modules are available in two different, weather-proof HPL designs. You can match them individually and they will highlight your BBQ event.

The planning is based on 3 modules of width 60, 90 and 120 cm, of depth 70 cm and, as a freestanding variant, of depth 100 cm. The height is 95 cm including the cover plate. With regard to the depth of 70 cm, the modules are accessible from one side. The fronts of depth 100 cm can be provided with doors and drawers on both sides. As a standard, the modules have a small drawer at the top and an upper cover plate that can be produced as one element for combined versions. Additional drawers or doors can be ordered as optional extras. To provide the whole arrangement with a framework, it can be furnished with side panels on the outer sides.

Once you communicated the installation dimensions, the worktop will be provided with the particular cut-out. For customer-specific built-in barbecue units with f. ex. control and display panel on the front side a special built-in module will be used.

In terms of space, the outdoor kitchen offers virtually unlimited options. A special extending table incorporated in a drawer allows for comfortably enlarging the worktop by 90 cm.A special highlight is the fitted sliding tabletop that can be used as a counter and is finished in warm oak or soft HPL.

Inside the kitchen you will find useful kitchen facilities, such as cutlery and drawer inserts as well as foil holders, plate holders, spice racks, and appropriate kitchen bin inserts. Even cold drinks can be served directly from the integrated outdoor fridge.

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