Cushion box 04 Q-Box HPL white

Cushion box 04, the biggest one

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Cushion box 04 Q-Box in HPL, white or anthracite, W 159 x D 76 x H 89 cm

Our cushion box 04 is long and deeper, but no less discreet than the other models thanks to the understated design. It really does live up to its name, as it will easily accommodate the seat and back cushions of our daybeds and the Lounge modules. So the question of where to put the cushions during a brief shower or overnight or through the winter has already been answered, and there’s none of the tedious stacking in the utility room, garage or even living room. There a place for everything!

Well, all right; you can put other things in our boxes as well. Toys for the sand pit, for instance. Or garden tools.
We offer our cushion boxes in 4 different sizes and 2 colours, white or anthracite:

Cushion box 01 Q-Box 01 W/D/H 68/68/62
Cushion box 02 Q-Box 02 W/D/H 129/50/77
Cushion box 03 Q-Box 03 W/D/H 129/68/62
Cushion box 04 Q-Box 04 W/D/H 159/76/89

available in the following materials:

  • HPL anthraciteHPL anthracite
  • HPL whiteHPL white
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