Primus table frame system, stainless steel, leg 45 x 45 mm

Primus table frame system in stainless steel, leg 45 x 45 for customer's own table tops

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Primus table frame system in stainless steel, leg 45 x 45 mm for customer’s own table tops

Elegant: steel!

If we had our way, we would call our stainless steel “precious metal”. We only use V2A stainless steel for all our frame systems and especially for our Primus table frame system. In other words, our furniture is unbeatably corrosion resistant, and even if it lives outside will stay as beautiful as if it had always been kept indoors.

Something else on the subject of “Looks”: all our stainless steel items are given a very special finish. And in case you want the details: the matt brushed surface is polished with grain size 240.

And why are we telling you all this?

Those who find they do not have enough choice with our Primus A1:F29 can choose our table frame systems in this stainless steel, and create their own table with their own table top. And because we take the subject of “Made in Germany” extremely seriously and want you to enjoy all the benefits that it brings you, you have the choice of ordering the table and bench frames in various dimensions in order to place your own table top on top.
Naturally, we will also manufacture your made-to-measure table to your request – another benefit that we wouldn’t dream of depriving you of. Short routes -> short delivery times, and on top of everything else it’s good for the environment.

Frame length:
79.4 cm | 89.4 cm | 99.4 cm | 119.4 cm| 129.4 cm | 139.4 |159.4 cm | 179.4 | 199.4 cm | 219.4 cm

in Frame widths:
79.4 cm | 89.4 cm | 99.4 cm

available in the following materials:

  • stainless steelstainless steel
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