Cushion box 01 Q-Box HPL white

Cushion box 01, our smallest box.

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Cushion box 01 Q-Box in HPL, white or anthracite, W 68 x D 68 x H 62 cm

A box with a very high IQ: the Q-Box

Come the summer, the garden, terrace or balcony are a popular substitute for the living room. And the dining room. And the kitchen. In other words, when it’s warm we really like to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

So it stands to reason that you then need more than a good table. The matching chairs, for instance. With pretty, comfortable cushions. In order to store anything that is made of fabric overnight or in the event of a summer shower, our cushion boxes are available in four sizes to suit your requirements. The smallest one is cushion box 01, which is available in two different colours. However, its bigger brothers are also something to be proud of.

Our cushion boxes are available in four different sizes:

Cushion box 01 Q-Box 01 W/D/H 68/68/62
Cushion box 02 Q-Box 02 W/D/H 129/50/77
Cushion box 03 Q-Box 03 W/D/H 129/68/62
Cushion box 04 Q-Box 04 W/D/H 159/76/89

available in the following materials:

  • HPL anthraciteHPL anthracite
  • HPL whiteHPL white
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