Garden tables

We've all had evenings when we've ended up with more guests than expected. So when it comes to space, you have two options: either you snuggle up, which isn't always appropriate (your neighbour! that woman from work! your boss!). Or you increase the size of the table in only a couple of seconds. The latter is as easy as ABC with KUBUS, because it is available as KUBUS+ with two 50-cm integrated extension leaves, or as KUBUS+s with a 100-cm folding insert. Which means you can have a total length of 320 cm with very little fuss. Which equates to ten seating places. (And you can always snuggle up later on if you want to!)

The table tops are made of HPL, ceramic and teak. HPL is available in white, anthracite, taupe and blackstone with an anti-fingerprint finish, and ceramic in dark stone grey.

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